The Michigan City Zoological Society

To Care & Conserve


Our Mission

The Michigan City Zoological Society Mission: To Care & Conserve! The Society hosts fundraisers in order to provide food, purchase animals and fund veterinarian care for the animals at the Washington Park Zoo. We work closely with the zoo to help give the animals the best care possible and strive to provide homes for misplaced exotic pets and non-releasable wildlife. The Michigan City Zoological Society appreciates all your support that allows us to do this! The Washington Park Zoological Society is a volunteer board and a 501c3 organization.

About The Society

The Michigan City Zoological Society was started in 1925 with “Jake” the bear as its first resident animal on the shores of Lake Michigan. The public loved Jake so much that eventually more animals were added to the resident roster and the Zoo was born. The next endeavor was a zoological garden that paved the way for the City of Michigan City to expand plans to incorporate new attractions for the zoo. 

In 1928, the formation of the first Zoo board was initiated and the location of the facility was moved inland from the Lake Michigan shore to the dunes area. The foundation for the zoo as we know it today was built by the hard work of the Zoological society with donations from the volunteer network of partners.

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